Our story

  1. In 2018, the Co-Founder and Director, and a specialist geologist, Mr Mulalo Tshitema together with his wife Patricia Tshitema, an environmental manager, and Co-Founder embarked on a journey to create generational wealth through property investment. 
  2. They procured multiple but small properties and converted them to student accommodation in the Auckland Park area providing safe, secure, and private living spaces to students.
  3. After the 2015-2016 #FeesMustFall protests and the announcement by the then president of the country, President Jacob Zuma that the government would subsidise free higher education for poor and working-class students, more first-year students were enrolled for higher education which created greater shortages of student accommodation.
  4. Having struggled with accommodation during their university years, it was a no-brainer that both the founders would re-direct their focus towards the provision of student accommodation and affordable housing, in general, to contribute towards the provision of fit-for-purpose, safe & secure spaces that create living, learning, and social communities. 
  5. In 2019/2020 the journey towards the provision of large student accommodation started under the brand Opalstudents. This student brand aims to provide spaces where students will LIVE-LEARN-CONNECT. This brand demands better living conditions for students.
  6. In February 2022, the biggest Opalstudents accommodation in Johannesburg South opened its doors to its first tenants.
  7. BoNo Property has provided just over 400 student beds by February 2022.
  8. BoNo Property plans to provide 3000 student beds by year 2025.
  9.  The Opal Student Brand, a subsidiary off BoNo Property, will continue to redefine students living through the provision of impactful student life programs that focuses on youth development, youth empowerment, and sporting events amongst others.
  10. Through Opal Student Brand, excellence is rewarded, and opportunities are brought to the student’s life.
  11. The company has grown to provide its own property developments, property management, and facility management services to fast track growth.

Property Solutions. Affordable. Fit for Purpose.

Our Leadership

The people leading from the front and driving change.

Our Values

This is what defines and differentiates us as a brand.


All our property developments are built with quality as the foundation. We use experienced professionals and quality building materials.


We believe in giving people dignity through owning/renting a quality home for the modern work/home lifestyle. Our developments are purposefully built around healthy environments and thriving communities.


Integrity is at the core of all our relationships with suppliers, investors, clients, and staff. We value honesty and consistency in all our business dealings.


We constantly look for new ways to solve existing and future problems in our business. Our approach is to proactively look for innovative solutions through the continuous professional development of our team and business.


We want to be recognized as a property developer that consistently delivers great products and services throughout our business.

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